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Hardware-Independent System Health Monitoring

System monitoring can be frustrating for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), enterprise-sized companies and software engineers. Most manufacturing floors or service facilities are made up of automated equipment from a variety of sources making it difficult to regularly and efficiently monitor the health of the system as a whole. Our engineers took the initiative to develop an open source monitoring platform applicable to virtually any system by any brand.

Pitney Bowes struggled to efficiently monitor their equipment operating in mild to harsh conditions at customer sites around the world. EmbedTek developed a platform to remotely monitor hardware sensors and other conditions on virtually any system from any manufacturer. Data is all available on an easy-to-use dashboard so all systems can be viewed at once giving the customer the ability to configure their alert system to the issues that matter to them. All EmbedTek designed systems come with monitoring capabilities at no cost.

After teaming up with EmbedTek to utilize EmbedTek’s platform, Pitney Bowes is now able to monitor their computers world-wide without any human interaction. “It reinforces the value of remote diagnostics and remote access,” said Kenneth Vaughn, Director, Global Sorter Support & Self Maintenance for Pitney Bowes – Document Management Technologies. “ If a CPU fan stops, the computer could overload and we would have to repair it in order to get it back up and going. Now, we can proactively fix the issue before a fail.”

Collecting all system information in one place allows our customers to easily monitor system performance in one place and solve the issue before it becomes a problem. The result is customer satisfaction and more success for their business.

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