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Seamless Audio/Visual System Improves Medical Training and Simulation

People learn best when they can visualize the subject matter. Networked Audio/Visual (A/V) systems can bring a realistic multi-media experience to medical training and simulation, increasing the amount of information retained and improving educational success.

EmbedTek’s design, supply chain, and production teams leveraged their embedded systems expertise and understanding of the market to develop a seamless, consolidated A/V system that is unique in the industry.

Challenge Accepted
For years, the A/V world and embedded systems world were not connected. Analog microphones and cameras used different connectors, different standards and different ways of delivering power. So if an embedded system wanted to use professional grade A/V, it could only be accomplished with multiple external conversion tools.

EmbedTek worked with a leader in review and replay programming software for simulated patient diagnostics who was in search of one appliance with the digital format needed for record and play, analysis, and further processing. The goal was to create a solution that would consolidate vendors, reduce costs, simplify lifecycle management and provide an opportunity to compete in new markets.

The All-in-one Appliance
A combination of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components and custom-designed solutions yielded an appliance with power, long-term availability, guaranteed quality, and professional grade A/V. The EmbedTek team did the following to solve this challenge:

  • Configured a digital video signal to provide simulated patient diagnostics
  • Incorporated a high-volume capture device
  • Wrote a driver
  • Designed a 4-port balanced XLR audio board via USB
  • Identified a long-life network card with integrated Power over Ethernet (PoE) to provide power and connectivity to cameras without a separate box

Affordability and Versatility
The new solution vastly improved product design and reduced the end user investment (costing less than $1,600). The custom components can be applied to other embedded computers without modification, so the system may be used in new computing developments and software releases in the future.

The solution is a lower cost, easier to install and manage, and makes the customer more competitive in their current market. At the same time, it is opening the door to new markets. In the customer’s words, the new EmbedTek A/V computing system for medical training and simulation is, “a game changer.”

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