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High Performance Portable Medical Image Generator with Touch Screen

When a medical equipment company wanted to offer a mobile version of their image-guided surgery device, they needed to introduce the new product with as little timeline risk as possible while ensuring that they met challenging technical, regulatory and ergonomic requirements. The existing device featured proprietary control and power systems, so the company sought a partner that could achieve their desired aesthetic and performance. EmbedTek’s established portfolio of portable, high performance image generators and its certifications in medical device manufacturing made it a strong partner for the challenge.

The portable medical image generator would be used for image-guided surgery, where a camera tracks instruments during an operation and a processor controls some of the surgical instruments itself. Image-guided surgery aids in operating on hard-to-see areas of the body and for minimally-invasive procedures, increasing accuracy while drastically reducing patient recovery time.

Often times, the surgeon is looking at the display screen instead of the patient, so the combination of high performance computing and high quality graphics are critical for image-guided surgical devices to work. Our customer needed to make their existing image generator portable, durable, and medically-rated in a short period of time.

The portable medical image generator is rated with the high performance our customer needs for image-guided surgery. EmbedTek’s proven expertise in mobile imaging technology and medical device manufacturing made it possible for our customer to create the high performance portable solution they wanted, built to ISO and FDA standards, and following a normal supply chain with long-term consistent revision control.

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