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Simplify and Scale: White Paper Download

Market acceptance. It’s a critical juncture in the life of a new medical technology.

As demand builds, so does the importance of a scalable supply chain. The device that was designed on a small scale is at risk as it scales. Risks include unreliable supply, unplanned changes to critical components or unexpected obsolescence.

These scenarios happen often in the rapidly-evolving medical device industry. The urgency of proving a concept overrides developing a supply chain designed for growth. At EmbedTek, we’ve seen it many times. And it can change everything.

EmbedTek is a Wisconsin-based designer and manufacturer of embedded computer and vision systems. We build image processors, software platforms, sensors, cameras, and displays that have proven to reduce cost and increase speed to market.

Our problem-solving, creative engineering mindset and our mature, disciplined supply chain, regularly aid medical device OEMs in simplifying the scaling process. Over the years we have identified common hurdles regarding manufacturability, traceability, and quality control that could have been addressed at the very beginning stages of research and development.

Our Simplify and Scale white paper shares our experiences in the field, including:

  • How protective housing, quality standards, regulation and communication can prevent a revolutionary core technology from entering the market.
  • What a true manufacturing partnership looks like, and how it benefits OEMs from concept to production, and continues throughout the life cycle of a product.
  • The four main hurdles to clear early and often in the research and development phase.
  • Case studies of how EmbedTek overcame challenges to get medical imaging systems to market.

With foresight and discipline, device manufacturers can think big from the beginning, and set themselves up for a successful, simplified scale when the time comes.

Download the Simplify and Scale white paper today.

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