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PariRange™ Contact Tracing Devices on Track for Q3 Delivery

COVID-related System Ideal for Workforces where Social Distancing is Difficult

Waukesha, Wisconsin – July 7, 2020 – EmbedTek, LLC, a technology (IoT) company specializing in the design and manufacture of embedded computer systems, software, sensors, and integrated displays, announced today that it has begun production and is accepting orders for PariRange™, a peer-to-peer social distancing and contact tracing device. The PariRange™ system can be used by businesses to support the health and safety of their workforce. Most importantly, if an infection does occur, PariRange™ can help control the spread.

Since announcing the development and provisional patent filing for PariRange™ in May, EmbedTek has demonstrated the devices to interested parties, which have ranged from large production and processing businesses to education, construction, and military. Businesses from all sectors are looking for ways to keep employees safe while avoiding costly disruptions to operations. In particular, for jobs where close contact with other employees is unavoidable.

“PariRange can help prevent outbreaks in facilities by quickly and accurately identifying close contacts. Those employees can then be tested and isolated,” said Dan Aicher, CEO of EmbedTek. “PariRange can also help in reinforcing social distancing in the workplace. We’re more than three months into this pandemic and social distance fatigue or complacency can creep into employee habits. PariRange will diligently provide people a reminder to maintain the proper distance and allow companies to monitor the overall adherence.”

PariRange™ collects and communicates data in a peer-to-peer fashion between contact tracing devices worn by employees. The system enforces social distancing, easily extracts contact tracking data, and immediately identifies potential employee exposure to infection. PariRange™ requires no communication infrastructure, so it is scalable for size of workforce and appropriate for all kinds of locations, such as manufacturing facilities, warehouses, schools, construction sites, military environments, and farms. And, it is easy to quickly implement.

How the PariRange™ system works:

  1. Employees wear the discrete PariRange™ device, which monitors the distance from other devices. Ultra-wideband and time of flight technology measure distance between devices with a rated accuracy of 4 inches.
  2. When an employee comes within 6 feet of another device, PariRange™ sends a vibration alert. Date and duration of close contacts are recorded whenever multiple devices come within the 6-foot range.
  3. Each day, the duration of close contact a user’s device has with other devices is aggregated and stored for 14-28 days. Data is easily viewed through a PariRange™ Log Reader, which can be connected to a Windows 10-compatible PC via USB, or placed throughout a facility to pull data from employee devices automatically as they walk by.

Should illness occur, it’s easy to identify employees who have had close contact with the infected individual. This allows businesses to take action quickly and follow recommended protocols to curtail infection spread.

“We’re proud of how our engineering team stepped up to the challenge of getting PariRange to production this quickly,” said Kent Tabor, CTO of EmbedTek. “PariRange can truly make a difference in helping keep businesses open and prevent outbreaks in a company’s workforce.”

EmbedTek is accepting inquiries for PariRange™ devices as well as custom integrations for protective equipment and wearable accessories. To learn more visit