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EmbedTek Combats Supply Chain Shutdowns

COVID-19 shutdowns continue to roll through manufacturing plants in SE Asia and China. This, amongst other ongoing production, raw material and transportation issues, is exasperating the global supply chain situation. EmbedTek is recommending customers order demand for at least all of the 2022 fiscal year to provide suppliers time to navigate the situation, mitigate cost increases, and ensure supply continuity.

EmbedTek has been successful in maintaining shipping schedules through 2021 through close communication and proactive management of the supply chain. We took on significant inventory positions in late 2020 and early 2021 providing us the ability to stay ahead of erratic deliveries throughout 2021. Continual, proactive communication with customers has allowed us and our customers to take action so that deliveries continue on time and without undesirable changes.

One advantage to partnering with EmbedTek to develop a truly unique and scalable product is that the lifecycle of that product can be nurtured and maintained in a much more efficient way, especially during unpredictable backlog and shortages. EmbedTek efficiently develop products from conception to completion eliminating the need for other suppliers, through true innovation, design expertise, and proactive management. Despite the pandemic, over the years we have identified common hurdles regarding manufacturability, traceability, and quality control that can be addressed at the very beginning stages of research and development. This knowledge creates an advantage for our customers and gives the ownership and control of the product’s lifecycle back to the customer.

While the pandemic continues to agitate the global technology market and supply chain, EmbedTek continues to help its customers maintain and scale business. If you’re interested in consolidating your technology supply chain and finding a true, innovative product development and manufacturing partner, contact us today!

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