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Surgical Visualization Case Study

Project requirements

  • Compact computer system providing 3D-image processing for robotic-assisted surgery
  • Medically-rated with physical and thermal specifications
  • High-speed, long-distance interconnect between camera and computing system
  • EmbedTek manufactures entire medical devices with drop shipping to the end customer

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In a snapshot

A medical device manufacturer engaged EmbedTek to evaluate the communication inside an image generator for a new line of surgical visualization tools.

We developed a new computer system that incorporated powerful graphics technology and conformed to the physical and design standards of the rest of the device. This included:

  • a new, specialized positioning of the visualization tools ergonomics for the surgeon;
  • and a slim console that left a very small opening for the chassis, and little room for airflow.

Our engineering team worked closely with the customer to design the computer system using commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) central processing units (CPUs) and video processing components. We created a flow-through chassis that included a large fan with a low acoustic footprint.  And, we worked with the appropriate regulatory agencies to help the customer get the needed approvals for the medical device.

The end result is a cutting edge technology that is quickly gaining acceptance, with a manufacturing and supply chain that has the flexibility and scalability to keep up. Our trusted, long-term partnership means that the customer can drive to the next innovation in the medical device field without having to also be an expert on how to get here.

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