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Where intelligent systems meet effective production.

EmbedTek creates, designs, and builds embedded computers, software, sensors, cameras and displays for original equipment manufacturers. We have spent decades developing application specific computers, integrated displays, and custom I/O solutions. Our expertise has expanded to include IoT solutions, combining imaging and sensor technology with intelligent analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. We’re a team of talented mechanical, electrical, and software engineers that has yet to encounter a problem we can’t solve. Because if we can’t find the more cost effective, durable, accurate, or reliable solution our customers need, we just develop it ourselves.

Your full-service technology development and integration partner.




EmbedTek helps companies develop IoT platforms that leverage vision systems, interconnected sensors, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. These technologies are the drivers that differentiate products and develop markets.

Our team creates, designs, and builds embedded computers, software, sensors, cameras, and displays for original equipment manufacturers. All of our customers are driven by the opportunity to solve end user problems with technology. 

We take a system-level, holistic approach to designing a solution based on initial requirements from the customer. We leverage proven technologies, COTS components, and existing supply chains whenever possible.

Electrical Engineering Manager, Industrial Automation

“I have always appreciated the work ethic instilled by the leaders at EmbedTek. One of the the most important ethics is accountability in partnership. What makes a great supplier is to recognize that when problems occur, not if, there is an ownership assumed by that supplier. I believe that you and your team embody this ethic which shows up greatly in our partnership.”

Supply Chain Manager, Security

Thank you for all of the work done the previous quarter – shipping in full to the schedule provided as well as reacting quickly to the adjustments the customer made to the order was huge for us and we really appreciate it. Quick execution on last-minute orders were a huge help to us. Communication from your end throughout the quarter as well as visibility was excellent which was really appreciated by everyone on our side.

Spokeswoman, Simulation & Training

We deal with over 100 suppliers, and EmbedTek over the past three years has been rated as our top supplier. EmbedTek’s lean manufacturing approach translates into a least-cost, robust, quality product.