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We’re constantly cultivating a culture of invention at EmbedTek, from building teams with diverse backgrounds and continuously improving quality systems and processes, to identifying needs in the marketplace and developing ways to solve them through technology. The Knowledge Center is a culmination of case studies, inventive engineering, news, and trends that provide insight into what we do for our customers everyday.


EmbedTek is an FDA registered Contract Manufacturer and a supply chain management expert. We leverage our partnerships and knowledge to help medical device manufacturers successfully scale.

EmbedTek Case Study NorthStar

NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes, a Wisconsin-based nuclear medicine company, relies on EmbedTek for embedded computing solutions and lifecycle management.

BizTimes June 19, 2023 - AI Has Arrived

Kent Tabor, EmbedTek President and CTO, share how artificial intelligence is impacting Wisconsin businesses and the manufacturing industry.

Packaging Vendor Consolidation EmbedTek case study

Vendor consolidation transforms production from complex assembly and sourcing to easy-to-install sub-assembly with one SKU for a packaging OEM.

istock computer chip baord technology machine learning

There is a time and a place for machine learning. How to know it is right for you. A free white paper download for OEMs.

EmbedTek filed a provisional patent for a camera system including a reflective progressive lens. The system captures images of people, vehicles, or objects that would be blurred or lack enough detail with standard camera technology and lenses.

The global electronics supply chain is experiencing constraints and delays due to increased shipping times and spikes in consumer demand. EmbedTek recommends OEMs place orders further out with their partners and suppliers, and ask about options for flexible delivery times.

EmbedTek developed a high-speed pill counter to replace the need for manual sorting of highly sensitive prescription medications.

With wider accessibility, UWB has the potential to improve safety, efficiency, and be cost effective across many industries. This white paper details the different ways UWB can be used today and factors to consider before you get started.

EmbedTek recently worked with a leader in steam turbine manufacturing to design a cohesive and intelligent system that monitors valve health in real time. We accomplished this by leveraging our embedded systems expertise and our understanding of their market and business needs to develop a fully functional and reliable solution.

The global electronics supply chain is experiencing constraints and delays due to increased shipping times and spikes in consumer demand. EmbedTek recommends OEMs place orders further out with their partners and suppliers, and ask about options for flexible delivery times.

Sellars is on the forefront of employee health and safety. Contact tracing with PariRange is saving time and money.

Lessons Learned for Wisconsin Businesses as COVID Cases Surge and CDC Guidelines Change.

PariRange™ contact tracing is a peer-to-peer COVID-related system ideal for workforces where social distancing is difficult.

Introducing PariRange, a contact tracing system that can be used to support workforce health and safety without privacy concerns.

EmbedTek employees produced 10,000 face shields to help health care workers meet an urgent need for protection while fighting the coronavirus.

EmbedTek, LLC is an essential business under State Shelter in Place and State Stay at Home orders. EmbedTek manufactures electronic equipment for the healthcare, government, communication and financial services industries.

The situation is difficult if not impossible to predict short/mid-term and we expect it to be an issue through Q3 2020.

Intel confirmed formally that which we have been aware of for several weeks. The shortage of Intel CPU’s, specifically lower end Celeron, Pentium and I3 series processors will persist through the first half of 2020.

EmbedTek filed a provisional patent for a non-linear, progressive lens constructed to optically capture an area of interest positioned within the 3D field of view for the camera.

EmbedTek expands manufacturing space to support long-term growth plans in platform development services and in manufacturing finished medical devices.

Consumer grade components may not give you the traceability or life cycle that you need for future scalability.

Medical device manufacturers are revolutionizing healthcare treatment and patient outcomes. They need a manufacturing partner to help them scale.

EmbedTek was named a Top 10 Imaging & Machine Vision Solution provider by Embedded Advisor in their December-January issue.

Updated versions of PCIe will improve the speeds at which data can move within computer systems, in particular, those with graphics and sound.

BizTimes spoke with Tom Fotsch, chief operating officer of EmbedTek, during a roundtable on continuing to attract young talent to manufacturing.

EmbedTek president Kent Tabor was featured in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel C-Level column to talk about a culture of inventive engineering.

EmbedTek developed a portable medical image generator rated with the high performance our customer needs and to ISO and FDA standards.

Vision Systems Design featured EmbedTek in the May 2018 issue, covering how EmbedTek uses COTS and open source to create better, faster, and cheaper vision systems.

Ryan Rethwisch, engineering manager with EmbedTek, was named one of six 2018 Emerging Leaders of Waukesha County.