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Kent Tabor Featured in Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Kent Tabor, founder, president and chief technical officer of EmbedTek LLC in Waukesha, doesn’t operate his business with the premise that the sky is the limit. In fact, he encourages his engineering team to think beyond the sky. That aspirational approach has enabled EmbedTek to engineer and invent embedded computer systems that use a camera’s optical sensor to capture data in new ways.

For example, EmbedTek has created systems that can read license plates on cars speeding by at 100 mph or identify and count objects at high speeds as they are being dispensed into a container. Other EmbedTek systems identify products and their associated bar codes through the extreme glare of plastic packaging.

Tabor attributes EmbedTek’s success to a carefully cultivated culture of inspired creativity that leads to what he refers to as “blue-sky development.” The “blue sky” is a reference to the “uninhibited, limitless thinking” that creates new products and systems that have never before existed.

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