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EmbedTek is a growing company in an exciting position with our customers. We provide innovative technical and business solutions to OEM customers who are leaders in the medical, military, exercise equipment and industrial markets. We engage customers with a combination of technology, modern business processes, imagination (and occasionally magic!) in an exciting and fast-paced environment.

What’s it like to work at EmbedTek? Imagine working with a tight group of people who are brilliant at what they do, and who all want to help you excel at your job. It’s an industry that literally knows no limits, with a management team that thinks quality manufacturing has found a home in the Midwest U.S. 


 Explore our careers and offerings! Select a job title below to view the job description and fill out a candidate submission form. Check back often, as new openings will be created soon. 


EmbedTek Quality Manufacturing
Kent Tabor, President and Founder, EmbedTek LLC