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PariRange™ Contact Tracing

Compact, Waterproof Design

PariRange can be used as a single device, or be designed to ergonomically fit into protective equipment and work accessories, such as a face shield, hardhat, ID badge, and wristband. The affordable contact tracker is issued to each employee during their working hours.

Peer to Peer Time of Flight Technology

Each tracker only records the duration and distance to fellow trackers it comes in contact with based on your parameters (ex: 6 ft, >20 sec.). PariRange does not rely on the signal strength of radio frequency, which is a major improvement over Bluetooth alternatives.

No Infrastructure, Ultimate Scalability

No beacons, infrastructure, WiFi, employee devices, or GPS to cause privacy concerns. Accuracy measured in inches. PariRange can be used in work environments where there is no central WiFi network, such as farming and construction.

The simplest contact tracing solution for your workforce.

With PariRange, you don’t need anything more than your existing employee database.

Purchase as many proximity monitors as you need and assign the unique ID to your employee. From there, peer to peer technology does the rest, logging only at-risk contact between employees as they wear the tiny device or keep it in their pocket.

The data stays on each device until needed to identify at-risk contact between employees. With no infrastructure necessary, PariRange can be used equally well in a food processing facility, warehouse, farm field, or construction site.

Proximity Monitoring

The PariRange device alerts the wearer with a reminder when they are within 6 ft of another person, helping to reduce at-risk contacts.


Ergonomic Profile

  • 3.5” x 2.5” x .4”
  • Sealed plastic
  • Waterproof and cleanable

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Made in the USA

All primary subassemblies of PariRange are produced in the USA. Subcomponents consist of domestic (USA) and foreign content. Batteries are sourced from multiple countries. PariRange is designed, assembled, and final tests are performed at the EmbedTek manufacturing facility in Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA. All software, firmware, and design files are controlled by EmbedTek in the U.S.