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Production Efficiency for Packaging Solutions OEM

A global manufacturer of semi-automatic and fully automated flexible packaging machines tapped EmbedTek to improve the design of two embedded systems in one of their high-volume machines. The results helped them transform an error prone manufacturing process into a quality-controlled environment with increased production.

EmbedTek was already engaged with the customer on an inventive engineering project that will create a competitive advantage in the packaging industry when this new opportunity presented itself. Our team of talented mechanical, electrical, and software engineers had demonstrated our ability to solve complex problems and develop unique solutions, so the customer asked if we could help tackle a few challenges on a packaging machine already in production.

The machine had two embedded systems – a human-to-machine interface (HMI) and a Printer Control Box – that consisted of multiple purchased components. Many off-the-shelf components were difficult to source, and the systems were time consuming and labor intensive to build. This combination of sourcing challenges and build time was impacting the entire operation, ultimately limiting the number of full machines the company could produce to keep up with demand. 

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