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EmbedTek is an Essential Business

March 24, 2020

This letter confirms that EmbedTek, LLC (“EmbedTek”) is an “essential business” under State Shelter in Place and State Stay at Home orders.  EmbedTek manufactures electronic equipment for essential businesses in the healthcare, government, communication and financial services industries.

During the COVID-19 pandemic EmbedTek will continue providing operational support and products to these essential businesses.

EmbedTek needs all of its suppliers to continue providing their respective products and services so that EmbedTek can in turn continue to support these essential businesses.

EmbedTek, LLC supports businesses and industries that are designated as “Critical Infrastructure Segments”, including healthcare, government, communication and financial services industry segments.  These industry segments are vital to the continued function of the economy in this time of crisis.  As such, EmbedTek, LLC has remained operational and will continue to support these Critical Infrastructure Segments.

We have taken the following steps in connection with the COVID-19 outbreak to minimize the risk to our employees and families:

  • Those that can work at home are.
  • We have staggered shift(s) in manufacturing so employees are not all gathered in the same place, at the same time.
    • Start times, breaks and lunches are all staggered.
    • Separate break areas for each team.
  • Additional cleaning
    • Common areas are cleaned 2-3 times a day (immediately after peak usage i.e. breaks/lunches).
  • Visitors to the building suspended unless critical to operation.
    • Outside suppliers – Kan/Ban, cleaning supplies, etc.
    • Unless necessary, no interaction with people in the building.


We understand that our commitment to continue operating is vital to our customers in the Critical Infrastructure Segments and will do everything within our power to continue to meet the customer demands while practicing best practices to protect the health of our teams and their families.


Thank you,

Dan Aicher

CEO ~ EmbedTek LLC


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