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Intelligent Analytics Solve a Piston Valve Guessing Game

In a power plant, steam turbines carry high pressure steam from a boiler to a generator that converts it into power. Piston valves controlling the flow of steam in a turbine are critical to the operation. Valve failure is not an option for plant operators because the fallout could be costly, or even catastrophic. With no tool to predict when a valve will fail, power plant operators proactively remove and rebuild steam turbine piston valves every few years. This process is expensive, time-consuming, and often premature.

EmbedTek recently worked with a leader in steam turbine manufacturing to design a cohesive and intelligent system that monitors valve health in real time. We accomplished this by leveraging our embedded systems expertise and our understanding of their market and business needs to develop a fully functional and reliable solution.

Read the full case study by downloading it here:


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