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Medical Product Design and manufacturing

EmbedTek partners with medical device manufacturers to: 

  1. Achieve desired design improvements
  2. Optimize the supply chain to make it appropriate for a medical device
  3. Meet nice-to-have features and stretch goals while staying ahead of schedule

Quality, cost, supply chain, ergonomics, and product consolidation can provide a huge win to medical device OEMs.

We are an FDA registered Contract Manufacturer of Medical Devices and  ISO 13485 certified.


Medical device designs are complex – from the technological advancements that created them, to the interconnects between different functional facets, enclosures and regulatory requirements. When you add scalable manufacturing to the mix, medical device OEMs are faced with a complex burden to manage. EmbedTek offers decades of experience in medical product design, supply chain, manufacturing, and regulatory. We help OEMs streamline design without sacrificing integrity.

Work with us to design medical grade computers, GPUs, cameras, sensors, displays, touchscreens, vision systems, and IoT platforms with intelligent analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. We’re a team of talented mechanical, electrical, and software engineers that has yet to encounter a problem we can’t solve. Because if we can’t find the more cost effective, durable, accurate, or reliable solution our customers need, we just develop it ourselves.


EmbedTek Medical Device Consolidation
Portable Medical Image Generator
  • High performance computing
  • High-resolution, real-time 3D graphics
  • Commercial off the shelf (COTS) computing components
  • Proprietary control and power systems
  • Medically-rated for safety and regulatory compliance
  • Lightweight, sleek and ergonomic
EmbedTek Medical Device Monitor and Cart
DEsign to FDA Contract Manufacturing
  • Compact computer system providing 3D-image processing for robotic-assisted surgery
  • Medically-rated with physical and thermal specifications
  • High-speed, long-distance interconnect between camera and computing system
  • EmbedTek manufactures entire medical device with drop shipping to the end customer
Audio/Visual Device Consolidation
  • Three separate devices consolidated into one
  • High volume capture device with custom driver written for the audio/visual application
  • 4-port balanced XLR audio board via USB, does not require discrete power supply
  • Long-life network card with integrated PoE
  • Power and connectivity to cameras without a separate box


“I have always appreciated the work ethic instilled by the leaders at EmbedTek. One of the the most important ethics is accountability in partnership. What makes a great supplier is to recognize that when problems occur, not if, there is an ownership assumed by that supplier. I believe that you and your team embody this ethic which shows up greatly in our partnership.”

Thank you for all of the work done the previous quarter – shipping in full to the schedule provided as well as reacting quickly to the adjustments the customer made to the order was huge for us and we really appreciate it. Quick execution on last-minute orders were a huge help to us. Communication from your end throughout the quarter as well as visibility was excellent which was really appreciated by everyone on our side.

We deal with over 100 suppliers, and EmbedTek over the past three years has been rated as our top supplier. EmbedTek’s lean manufacturing approach translates into a least-cost, robust, quality product.

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Ted Platz
Vice President of Sales - Principal